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38 – Bioluminescência e fotografia encenada

Ricardo Takamura

Ricardo Takamura is a Brazil-based conceptual photographer, manifest in his night & landscape photography surreal realities that are hidden from our eyes.He relates to the art as long as it was young, painting and sculpting in wood. In love with light, dedicated for a long time to create sculptures with light and lamps. When he began to devote himself to photography, he brought all the inspiration and knowledge acquired in the art. His work is closely related to cinematographic photography, seeking to freeze moments as if they were a single frame of a film stopped in time, conveying sensitivity and emotion. Currently he has been dedicating himself to the difficult task of bringing contemporary photography together with his work of night and nature photography, creating series that connect with staged photography, and refer to scenarios of sci fi movies.

Latest Project

We Are Not Alone
About the Project
Living in a desert is an experience that changes us forever. Scarcity and the sun overhead all day long without a single shade, makes us see the world in a different way. Countless stars shine in an unreal sky, over an endless road through the Atacama desert. The feeling of isolation and loneliness took over me. I was there, just waiting for the first contact. We are not alone. " Inspired by movies and stories that made part of my childhood."

Career Highlights

Notable Exhibitions
2021 | Nocturnas de Brasil - Centro de Estudios Brasileños - Universidad de Salamanca- Spain 2021 | Nocturnas de Brasil - Archivo General de Castilla y León - Valladolid - Spain 2019 | Red – Museum of Bohemia – Petrópolis - Brazil 2019 | Red – Dom Pedro I and Dona Leopoldina Historical and Pedagogical Museum – Pindamonhangaba – Brazil 2019 | Red – Oswaldo Cruz Museum – São Luiz do Paraitinga – Brazil 2019 | Red – Yellow House Station – Caçapava – Brazil
Awards / Publications
2021 | Best Brazilian Author - 1st International Salon of Photographic Art of Ribeirão Preto 2021 | Fine Art Photography Awards - Honorable Mention 2021 | 1st Biennial of Photographic Art of Ribeirão Preto - Awarded 2020 | Inside a suspended time 2020 | Photo Nature Brasil - Honorable Mention 2020 | VIII Exhibition of Photographic Art of Ribeirão Preto - Honorable Mention 2020 | Monochrome Photography Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention 2020 | IPA - International Photography Awards - 2º Place 2020 | IPA - International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention 2020 | Fine Art Photo Awards - Honorable Mention 2019 | One Eyeland - Top 10 Fine Art Photographers - Country Rank #3 2019 | IPA - International Photography Awards - Second Place 2019 | One Eyeland - Top 10 Fine Art Photographers - Silver Award 2019 | One Eyeland Photography Awards - Bronze 2018 | Tribute - Photo Nature International - º9 best photographer 2018 | Tribute - Photo Nature Brazil - º7 best photographer 2018 | IPA - International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention 2018 | Photo Nature Brazil - Awarded - AJAC Diploma 2018 | Epson Pano Awards - Bronze Award 2017 | Fine Art Photography Awards - 3º Place in Night Photography Category 2017 | Epson Pano Awards - Silver Award 2017 | Fine Art Photography Awards - Nominee 2017 | IPA - International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention 2016 | Tribute - Cultural Award of the "Instituto de Estudos Valeparaibanos" in the category Photography and Memory, in recognition of the work and positive changes it has provoked, with the intention of protecting the memory, environmental, cultural and historical heritage of the Vale do Paraíba 2016 | Metro Photo Challenge Internacional - 1º place 2016 | Metro Photo Challenge Brasil - 2º place