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Sketchlight was established in 2014 by three artists

Light painting is an art form a technique consists of creating Images by capturing the movement of light.

It is a combination of painting and photography, darkness is our canvas and light is the brush.

All of our artworks are pictures Light painting created in real time captured to the camera in one single photographic frame. Without Photoshop intervention (we have raw image for proof)

The artworks are done in a completely dark studio or at night in places where there is no artificial "light pollution".

We are exploring all kinds of technique some of our work highlights the abstract nature of light, we are inspired by the beauty of light in all it’s various forms.

It is a technique that creates the impossible, records the paths of light in to the picture, reveals something hidden in the real world.

Light painting is a clear testimony to the beauty of the phenomenon of light. The creative potential of light brings new sensations, new colors, new meaning to our lives.

Despite the frequent use of concepts such as contemporary art, and the shadow of the technological and digital changes in photography, the emphasis in our artworks is precisely on analog, manual, low-tech aesthetics. through the use of technique from the beginning of photography to create contemporary art. I think that this way you can reinvent the medium of photography.

My intention is to raise awareness of the existence of this type of artwork "light painting" and its inherent charm.

Our artworks deals with the subject of divine endless and surrounding light ,the light that the human eye can not see, the artworks reveal something hidden from the real world Together, we offer nonlinear, critical and contextual ways of tracking hidden light and reveal spiritual circles and routes that can be challenged, directed, Or display them in a new light to create unexpected beauty

Latest Project

About the Project
This work is currently exhibited in a large exhibition (Israeli art 2021). The ghosts that are seen in the images, semi-transparent silhouettes of people, show behind them only the ruins that remain. They represent the “transparent” feeling shared by many people in the outskirts of our society. Casted aside by the mainstream, the path to crime and self-destruction is not long. The use of these types of housing vs. other forms of care for children at risk is still a debatable issue. We are a photography artists team called “SKETCHLIGHT”. We create a certain type of photography that requires a team to work together before and during each exposure of the camera to achieve our surreal results directly in-camera. With our light painting photography technique, all images are created in real time, captured to the camera in one single photographic frame, without photoshop intervention.

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Notable Exhibitions
Solo exhibitions Our first solo exhibition "Exposure" was held at the "Ben Ami" Gallery in Tel Aviv on 18-05-2017. The exhibition was a great success. The "Maariv" newspaper published the exhibition in the cultural supplement, and a large double-page article appeared in Friday's metro supplement in the "Jerusalem Post" newspaper. In addition, an artwork was published in the Friday edition of the "Makor Rishon" newspaper Producer: Michal Sadan Curator: John Herson Our Second solo exhibition "awakening" was held in the gallery complex of "Dizengoff Center" Tel Aviv On 01-12-2020 in honor of Hanukkah Lights, the exhibition presents 15 printed artworks Accompanied by two screens featuring video art, the exhibition received rave reviews and was published in the newspaper "Israel Hayom" And in the Spanish "aurora" magazine And in the "Maariv local" Tel Aviv Production: Dizengoff Center Tel Aviv Curator: Ray Vagner Group exhibitions around the world a group exhibition on behalf of UNESCO, in cooperation with "Light Painting World Alliance", which was held in UNESCO Central Headquarters Paris, France, on 16-05-18, marking the international day of light declared by UNESCO, an exhibition of the best light painters from all over the world. We represent Israel as one of the countries participating in the exhibition An exhibition called "LIGHT UP BERLIN" was held on 05-10-2019 in Berlin Germany, an international exhibition of the best light painters from around the world An exhibition of the "three rivers art project" association of "Jacob Elbaz" Gallery in Hudson New York Opening 12-05-2018 a group exhibition that opened on 18-01-2018 in Milan Italy, an exhibition entitled "The Principle of Hope - a new world" in "centro asteria" in honor of International Holocaust Remembrance Day - the exhibition continues to display in the world and presents in Israel "yad lebanim" Ramat Gan On 08-04-18 and at the central ceremony at the Ramat Gan Theater, our artwork appears on the official invitation Group exhibitions in Israel The "Jerusalem Biennale" at the new "spirit house, Shaare Zedek" Jerusalem opend on 11-11-21 the Israeli art for the community a big exhibitions Sponsored by Bank "Hapoalim" tel aviv opened on 10-12-21 "Appearance" at the "artist house" "herzlia" opened on 25-01-22 "weekday" at the "palace of culture Drom Hashron" opened on 05-01-22 "Rainbow" at the "artist house" "kfar saba" opened on 07-02-22 "Somewhere" at "Bar David" Museum Opened on 04-01-20 "The language of art" at "Tirosh" Gallery Herzliya 04-06-17 to 18-06-17 "Fire Earth Air and Water" was held at "Space Gallery" Tel Aviv "Gan haier" 07-06-17 to 7-07-17 "Evening of Roses" was held at the "Petah Tikva Hall of Culture" 05-08-17 to 10-09-17 "Winter" at the "Universal Art Gallery" at the "Neve Tzedek" station, Tel aviv 06-11-17 to 28-01-18 Tel Aviv "Salon", Jaffa Port." Opening on 27-03-18 until 01-05-18 "Creative Women" Women Artists Festival Ramat Gan Opening 22-03-18 "My ASUS.My Style. My Future" Exhibition an art exhibition that is a collaboration between the ASUS computer company and the Studio 6B studio. and stand-alone artists 26-04-18 - at the "studio 6b" tel aviv "The Light" Fall 2017 in the Florentine Quartet in collaboration with "Tobi 60" Dates 09-11-17 to 16-11-17

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