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May 8 – 31, 2019.  
Wed – Sat: 1 – 6:30pm and by Appointment

Opening Reception May 11, 6 – 9pm
with music from DJ Ruthless

1424 Lexington Ave. @ 93rd st.  

“I woke up thinking: God is real, but against us. Pray for what you don’t want. Reverse theology. I’ll pray for freedom Because no matter how much I say I want it I’m still getting led around by a cigarette. Or anger or fear. Take your pick. I don’t give a shit. And I wish it weren’t true, But to get free we have to start with what’s true I think.” – Ramshackle Glory

The works in this show relate to various experiences and connections that limit or extend the concept of freedom; of the self and of the mind.  Boundaries, containers and leashes both real and imagined. Fear, anxiety, social constructs, the reach of government and civilization. The costs and benefits.  At times they are soft, comfortable and ephemeral and other times hard, distressing and physical. They point towards possible futures and express deep personal histories as they examine the limits we extend or abide by.   


Linda Loh
Jason McLean
Sophia Sobers
Vargas Suarez Universal
Lee Wells
Justin Wood

A ChaShaMa space to Present